Personal Tax Returns

"It is not what you make, it is what you keep that matters"

Maximum Refund, 100% Accurate & 100% Guaranteed.

In addition, we offer CRA representation.

We specialize in almost all the categories of Tax Returns: 

  • Self-Employed, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership
  • Seniors on Canadian or Foreign Pensions
  • Salaried and commission employees with deductible expenses
  • New immigrants, refugees, emigrants and non-residents
  • Rental Income, Capital Gains and various investment incomes
  • Tips, babysitting, odd jobs and other related incomes
  • Clergy with residential deductions
  • Foreign Income
  • Non Resident Rental Income 
  • Social assistance, Disability and other Government assistance programs etc.
  • Returns for deceased persons
  • Single, married, separated, divorced or widowed
  • T3-Trust Return Preparation
  • Canadian Citizens Overseas

We assist our clients worldwide with their tax preparation needs.

We provide assistance by phone, fax or email for your convenience.

Whether you were/are outside of Canada temporarily or you are leaving Canada permanently, we can assist you with your tax preparation needs to finalize and submit your return and prevent double taxation.